DerbyCon 2.0 Announcements!

We have some exciting news on things to expect at DerbyCon 2012. First of all, the price. DerbyCon 2012 will be $150.00 regardless of when you go and purchase it. When tickets open, it’s $150.00, when you go to the door, it’s $150.00. Secondly, there will be 4 tracks total:

1. New to INFOSEC Track – For those folks that are getting into INFOSEC and want to learn more
2. Information Security Track – Higher level talks on security
3. Fix Me Track – Those related to how to fix things versus break things
4. Hack Me Track – Hacking, breaking, and having fun with chainsaws (Adrian)


Tickets will go on sale at 10:00AM Friday May 4, 2012 (Derby Weekend). We will be offering all of the tickets up and will go as a first come first serve. Our overall guess is if you go for the tickets that weekend, you shouldn’t have a problem getting a ticket. We’ve also reserved the hotel rooms, so once you get at ticket call up the Hyatt and let them know you’re with DerbyCon and you should be all set.

We will be having a number of announcements as we go along. We’ll have some announcements here soon on call for papers.

Look forward to seeing everyone again DerbyCon 2.0 “The Reunion” and look forward to fresh faces!!