Videos 2011

Friday September 30, 2011
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Adrian, Dave, Martin: Welcome to DerbyCon 2011 – Intro to the con and events

KEYNOTE ~ HD MOORE – Acoustic Intrusions

Johnny Long – Hackers for Charity Update
Kevin Mitnick + Dave Kennedy – Adaptive Penetration Testing
The Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) Panel
Bruce Potter – The Details Don’t Matter
Chris Nickerson – Compliance: An Assault on Reason
Pat McCoy & Chris Silvers – Hook, Line and Syncer: The Liar for Hire’s Ultimate Tacklebox atlas – sploit me if you can
Jason Scott – Jason Scott’s Shareware Calvacade Vlad Gostom & Joshua Marpet – Smile for the Grenade! Camera go Bang!
(Asked not to be posted)

Saturday October 1st
Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
Dennis Kuntz – Mining Sensitive Information From Images Using Command-Line OCR Brian Baskin – Walking the Green Mile: How to Get Fired After a Security Incident Georgia Weidman – Throw It in the River? Towards Real Live Actual Smartphone Security
Michael Arpaia
– Beat to 1337: Creating A Successful University Cyber Defense
Joe Schorr – “Rule 1: Cardio” (and 9 other rules to keep intruders out) Rob Simon – Pentesting over Powerlines
Carlos Perez (darkoperator) – Tactical Post Exploitation Thomas Hoffecker – Exploiting PKI for Fun & Profit or The Next Yellow Padlock Icon? Larry Pesce – You are the Smart Meter: Making (and hacking) of the 2011 MA-CCDC electronic badges
Paul Asadoorian + John Strand: Offensive Countermeasures: Still trying to bring sexy back Matthew Becker – 73o7\/\/@\/\/Ki – Survival Hacking your way out of Armageddon Bill Sempf – Is locksport
a sport?
Tony Huffman (Myne-us) – When Fuzzers Miss: The no Hanging Fruit. Bart Hopper – Avoiding the Landmines in your own Backyard Infojanitor – Virtual trust, Virtual Permission and the Illusion of Security
Rafal Los – You’re Going to Need a Bigger Shovel – A Critical Look at Software Security Assurance Chris Gates and Rob Fuller – The Dirty Little Secrets They Didn’t Teach You In Pentesting Class Ben Feinstein & Jeff Jarmoc – Get Off of My Cloud”: Cloud Credential Compromise and Exposure
Rick Hayes + Karthik Rangarajan – OSINT Beyond the Basics Boris Sverdlik – Your perimeter sucks Jimmy Shah – Mobile App Moolah: Profit taking with Mobile Malware
int0x80 (of Dual Core) – Anti-Forensics for the Louise Evan Booth – Hide yo kids, hide yo wife: Residential security  and monitoring the bottom line McCorkle & Rios – 100 bugs in 100 days: An analysis of ICS (SCADA) software
Rick Redman – Tomorrow you can patch that 0day – but your users will still get you p0wn3d
Rick Farina – Free Floating Hostility Scott Ullrich + Chris Buechler – Open source firewalling with pfSense
(Sound came out as just ground noise)
Joff Thyer – Covert Channels using IP Packet Headers
(Sound came out as just ground noise. I do
have up his demo and slides however)
Jack Daniel – Surviving a Teleporter Accident (It could happen to you) Spiky Geek – How I learned to roll my own:Building custom pen testing platforms on the fly
(Sound came out as just ground noise)
Tottenkoph – Data Mining for (Neuro) hackers Adrian Crenshaw – Building a Svartkast: Cheap hardware to leave behind on someone else’s network Brent Huston – Realize Your Hacker Heritage: Do The Needful

Sunday October 2nd
Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
Charlie Miller – Battery Firmware Hacking Jason n00bz – Advanced Penetration Techniques for the non-technical n00b
(Not Recorded)
Chris Roberts – A Tribute to Dr. Strangelove
Peter Van Eeckhoutte & Elliot Cutright – Win32 Exploit Development With Mona and the Metasploit Framework Jayson E. Street – Steal Everything, Kill Everyone, Cause Total Financial Ruin!  (Or How I Walked In And Misbehaved) Kyle Osborne (kos) – The Hidden XSS – Attacking the Desktop
Ryan Linn – collecting Underpants To Win Your Network James Lee (egypt) – State of the Framework Address
(Sound came out as just ground noise)
Mick Douglas – Blue team is sexy — refocusing on defense — Part II — All you baseline are belong to us
Jamison Scheeres – Social Engineering is a Fraud
(Awaiting approval)
Ron Bowes – Advanced Nmap Scripting: Make Nmap work for you!”
(Sound came out as just ground noise)
Garrett Gee – Typo-squatting Just Got A Lot More Dangerous
(Not Recorded)
Josh Kelley (winfang98) – Infectious Media – Bypassing AutoRun once and for all Deviant Ollam – Distinguishing Lockpicks: Raking vs Lifting vs Jiggling and More Thomas d’Otreppe (mister_x) – OpenWIPS-ng
Kevin Johnson & Tom Eston – Desktop Betrayal: Exploiting Clients through the Features They Demand Raphael Mudge – Dirty Red Team tricks Joshua Drake (jduck) – Exploiting Java Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities

Closing Ceremony

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