DerbyCon 8.0 – “Evolution” Announcements

Hello there DerbyCon go’ers! We have a few announcements for this years DerbyCon. First – our sponsorship packages have been finalized and are being snagged up quick. If you are interested, please email us at info [at] We would recommend hurrying as they sell out quickly. We have a number of sponsorship opportunities ranging from parties, to events, to booths – show your support for the conference by sponsoring. You also get tickets to the con which each year seem to become harder and harder to get.

This year, DerbyCon 8.0’s theme is “Evolution”. We picked evolution partially because of DerbyCon evolving (changing) and moving to a new venue (the Marriott) but also (and primarily) because of the evolution of the information security industry and how it is always changing and our desire to try to make it better. Evolution to us, is simply and exactly how it is defined: the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form. The information security space started from something simple, and is becoming more and more complex each and everyday. How we handle the complexities and tackle situations is all apart of how we grow as an industry, and DerbyCon is a place where anyone ranging from individuals who are just getting interested in INFOSEC or someone who is already seasoned in information security can experience it. DerbyCon is a place where anyone and everyone is welcome. A place to share ideas and experiences, collaborate between one another, meet new people, and most importantly have fun. Welcome to DerbyCon.

What to expect for training and ticket sales

First and foremost, we have officially moved off of our homegrown system (Dave shed a tear) and moved to EventBrite. If you are not familiar with the sales process, we would recommend heading over to and reviewing beforehand. It’s extremely simple and much easier than last years process. All major credit cards are supported as well as Android and Apple Pay. You will simply see a Tickets page, select it, add how many tickets (limited both training and general admission to a max of 4), and then add to cart – then make a payment.

You can visit the DerbyCon EventBrite website here:

Note that tickets will go on sale for TRAINING on May 1st at 1:00PM. We will have training classes posted much sooner so you can select the classes you want to beforehand. For training, what will happen is we will have each class listed on the EventBrite site and listed as individual tickets. You will need to select which tickets you want. There will be a maximum of 4 tickets you can purchase for each training. IMPORTANT: If you are purchasing on behalf of someone, there will be a separate field to add the trainees names, please put this in so we know who the certificates should go to and who should be used for roll call each morning on training. Note that EventBrite is a timed system and it will not open a second before 1:00PM ET to purchase tickets.

For general admission: tickets will go on sale on May 5th right at 1:00PM ET. We aren’t playing any shenanigans this year, it will go on sale directly at 1:00PM ET. You DO NOT need to visit this site to get the link. You can visit the EventBrite site directly to purchase your tickets directly from the site itself.

All tickets including general admission and training tickets are non-refundable. If you can’t make it, you need to find someone to sell your ticket to.

Note that when you select tickets, you will physically need to add them to a cart before they will be held for a certain period of time. You will have a countdown to complete, during that period of time you will have your tickets held however if the time lapses, your tickets will be removed from your cart and then prioritized to the next person. Note that there is a time window where you can hit add to cart, and tickets sell out in between that period where you may not get tickets. This can happen. You need to actually see the counter and time window of your tickets being held in order to actually have the tickets held.

Shortly after your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email from EventBrite that contains your ticket and admission. We can always look you up if you forget it, but it’s easier if you have it printed or on your phone or through the EventBrite app itself. There is a QRCode that we can scan to show if you have admission or not.

Note that we anticipate tickets to sell out quickly and we appreciate everyone’s support as we go through a new ticket process. Things are bound to happen and we are thankful for such an awesome community that understands and is responsive to change. Additionally, we recognize that everyone won’t get a ticket, and that really sucks – we wish we could fit absolutely everyone. We do have a bigger venue and we are increasing ticket sales slightly, but we also want to ensure we maintain the same feel of the conference which we feel is super important to the conference itself and our goals.

Important Dates

Call for trainers is now open, submit your training ideas, we want to see them! You get paid!

Call for papers opens soon, get ready.

For a list of important dates, visit here:

We look forward to seeing everyone this year at DerbyCon 8.0!