DerbyCon 9.0 “Finish Line” – Announcements and News

Hey DerbyCon go’ers, we have some news for DerbyCon 9.0 – our last and grand finale conference.

The dates were previous announced and DerbyCon 9 will be held:

  • Training: September 4 and 5 2019
  • Conference Dates Sept 6-8th
  • This years theme and name will be DerbyCon 9.0 “Finish Line”. We decided to go with this name based on the Louisville Kentucky Derby theme and the finish line being the most exciting part of a race, and when all of the hard work and effort goes into one final moment that is special and a culmination of a substantial amount of hard work and effort. Since this is our last year and our last event, we felt that “Finish Line” represented our goal, mission, and closing of making a positive impact in the information security industry. We’re excited about this years event, and we are estastic for what we have planned this year.

    It is going to be absolutely incredible.

    Call for Trainers (CTF) is currently open and seeking trainers and closes April 19th, 2019. Get your submissions in!

    Call for Trainers Link

    Some additional announcements, ticket prices will be the same cost as last year at $175 for general admission. Training costs will be $1,200 (same as last year).

    We will be opening up Call for Papers (CFP) early this year, so expect to start submitting next week.

    Sponsorships will be opening up shortly, and we will be doing another announcement on that within the next few days.

    DerbyCon general admission tickets will go on sale Saturday, May 4, 2019 at 12:00PM ET (Derby Day).

    We’re currently under full planning mode aligning surprises, main events, and getting everything ready for this year. While this is our last year, we aren’t holding back on anything and putting everything we can into making this conference the best one we’ve ever done.