DerbyCon 9.0 Ticket and Training Announcements

Wow, it’s hard to believe that we’re already at that point of announcing the training and ticket sales coming up next week. We will be posting the training descriptions and outlines once all of the trainers have signed/accepted the contracts. Planning and coordination is well underway and we’re super excited that we will have a Thursday night event (being announced soon) as well as large events on Friday and Saturday.

For those that are wondering when training and ticket sales were, we will be opening both training and ticket sales on Saturday, May 4, 2019 at 12:00PM ET (Derby Day) at the same time. It will be through the EventBrite system just like last year.

The cost for general admission is $175.00 (same as last year) and the cost for training which includes a general admission ticket is $1200.00 (same as last year).

Training this year was extremely tough for us to decide on because we had over 71 submissions for training with only 14 slots. This is a 290% increase from last years training submissions and awesome to see. We want to thank everyone that submitted their training to DerbyCon and regrettably we aren’t able to accommodate all of the training. We sat there for hours trying to figure out who to pick because all of the training was simply above what we’ve ever seen before as far as quality and content.

Below is the tentative list of accepted trainings (subject to change upon contract approvals). We will be posting all of the training details and course outlines in the next few days.

Modern Windows Attacks and Defense
Practical Burp Suite Pro: Advanced Tactics (PBAT)
Advanced Attack Infrastructure
Python for OS Hacking
Introduction to Malware Analysis
Practical OSINT for Everyday Social Engineers
A Guide to Active Defense, Cyber Deception and Hacking Back
Windows Post-Exploitation Subverting the Core
Advanced Memory Corruption for Exploitation
Advanced Offensive Web Application Security
Adversarial Threat Hunting (Red vs Blue)
Mastering Mimikatz, Kekeo and More
PowerShell for Blue/Red Teams
Dark Side Ops: Malware Dev

More updates to follow, and we will have the training courses (descriptions, outlines, and more) out to everyone shortly!

-The DerbyCon Staff