DerbyCon Hotel Room Blocks

Greetings DerbyCon Go’ers!

We are now releasing the DerbyCon room blocks for the Hyatt. A couple of caveats:

You will not be able to reserve any hotel rooms until 1:00PM ET May 6th, 2017. We are releasing the link a few early just to get everyone prepped for the 1PM ticket sales timeframe. Second, it IS Derby day in Kentucky – it’s essentially a state holiday. That means if you have hotel issues with booking, there will be NO STAFF today and you will need to reach out on Monday.

The Hyatt Rooms will sell out super fast. Don’t worry if you didn’t get a Hyatt room. There will be overflow rooms announced soon at the Marriott, and a few more hotels.

Here is the link for the room blocks. Again if you are trying to book right now as the time of the blog post, you won’t be able to until 1:00PM.

Link to the Hyatt Rooms