The DerbyCon Guide to the Galaxy

Hello DerbyCon go’ers! This guide will hopefully help you navigate the DerbyCon conference. If you are brand new and never been, welcome! Our conference is an open, welcoming, and friendly conference and we appreciate you being a part of it. This guide walks through activities, what to expect, and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

It can seem overwhelming the first time through, but you’ll get the hang of it quick.

One important item: Kids get in free (17 and under in age)

First Things First

Everyone is approachable. If you see folks you recognize from the industry, don’t be scared to go and talk to them. It can often be nerve-racking in social events, just know that none of us bite, and we are all approachable and friendly. Meet new people, network, and make new friends. Your experiences are equally as valuable as anyone else here, and your experiences make you unique.

Share yours!


We rent out the entire Hyatt for the conference and utilize the entire hotel. That means there are things going on everywhere. Open up the booklet you receive during check-in and be sure to check out the events, as they happen through the entire conference. Couple important parts about the hand outs. Things do change, the schedule may be different in the handout than on the site. It’s always best to check here:

All events are listed here:

The special events include Thursday – a comedy show, you can bring a +1 with no ticket to this. This event is 18 and over as far as age.

Friday is a major concert with Paul Oakenfold and Saturday Dual Core and Busta Rhymes.

All special events can be found here:

What Registration Looks like

Tues: 7-10 pm | Weds: 7-10 am; 3-8 pm | Thurs: 4-10 pm | Fri: 7-11 am; 12-3 pm; 5-7 pm | Sat: 8-11 am

There shouldn’t be much if at all a line, but with your purchase through PayPal you should have received a QR Code. If you didn’t receive one, just let us know and we’ll look you up. Will need a photo ID to confirm. Once you are checked in, you’ll get a lanyard, a badge (in a form of a patch), a bag with swag, and the handout which outlines the conference.

Right through the doors past registration is the three main ball rooms, these are where track 1, 2, and 3 are (facing left to right). In your handout there is a direct map of the Hyatt and all of the rooms. Directly to the right of registration desk is track 4 (the 3 way), and downstairs is track 5, the stable talks.

If you are looking to meet new people, there will be an open bar Thursday from 6PM to 8PM before the comedy show in front of the Belmont.

Additionally, it’s not unusual to spot Egypt in the wild playing chess at 2AM.

All talks are recorded and streamed live. Additionally, if you are up in your room, all of the tracks are streamed to the TV channels and can be watched live through your hotel room in the Hyatt.

Dress Code

DerbyCon is casual, and comfortable. The rooms tend to get a little cold, we try to balance this through the conference – bring a sweater if you get cold easy (Ben0XA looking at you). Jeans/t-shirt/shorts, etc. are all acceptable.

That’s it for now! We look forward to seeing you at DerbyCon, and hope you have a wonderful time at the conference.