Code of Conduct Update

We want to thank everyone for the community spirit in helping to derive DerbyCon’s code of conduct. Most importantly, a special thanks to Shannon Morse (snubs) and Jeff Moss (TheDarkTangent) for their assistance and willingness to help contribute to updating our code of conduct policy at DerbyCon.

Jeff was super receptive in allowing us to leverage DEF CON’s code of conduct (and opens it up for anyone to use), as well as Shannon who has been working with us in key areas on the code of conduct such as contact information and overall structure.

The code of conduct reflects our historical and current commitment to have an inclusive and fun conference. This hasn’t changed, it’s now solidified as our code of conduct on our site and who we are as a conference. Harassment will not be tolerated at the conference.

The code of conduct can be found under the “About” link on the top right, or directly by going here:

Code of Conduct

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