DerbyCon has an official slack channel. Share ideas, meet one another, buy/sell tickets, and be open and friendly. Note that this is a PG chatroom. We can’t validate any tickets or guarantee ticket validity in the chat room. Feel free to ask questions, talk infosec, and welcome to the group!

You can join it here:

Join the Slack Channel

Current channels:

#general – used for general chat, anything you want (PG)
#night-events – talking about night activities at DerbyCon
#presentations – talk about talks – what presentations, what to see
#random – random stuff, whatever you want – non Derby related (PG)
#-sell-buy-tickets – sell or buy tickets in this chat room
#training – talk about training and whats going on in training
#hiring – if you are hiring or looking for a job
#mentorship – want to mentor someone or have questions or want to be mentored?
#charity – chat designed for favorite charities or if someone is going through a tough spot and needs help